Look healthy and feel good too.

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Caribbean Breezes Tanning Studio

There are many benefits to indoor tanning. Tanning provides Vitamin D, which prevents some cancers and helps the body to absorb calcium. Tanning can aid in the healing of acne and psoriasis and provides relief to those suffering from arthritis, joint/muscle pain, or S.A.D. It also provides a solid base tan before heading South or prior to any prolonged outdoor activity to diminish the risk of harmful sunburns. Please note last tanning appointment must be made 30 minutes prior to closing.


  • SMART TAN certified staff
  • 20 minute tanning bed
  • 15 minute ‘turbo’ tanning bed
  • 10 minute stand-up tanning unit
  • Wide variety of tanning products
  • Bulbs replaced more often than recommended

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