Visit these blogs to stay up to date on fitness, equipment, workouts, and more.

AFPA Fitness Blog –

Check out the AFPA Fitness blog for great articles and discussions on fitness and training. This blog is all about Health, Fitness, and Nutrition. They showcase the latest research and trends about holistic nutrition, fitness training, health, and much more.

The AFPA education also provides certification which gives individuals the starting point to achieve success in fitness training and nutrition as professionals. AFPA Fitness Blog posts around 2 articles per week.

Anytime Fitness –

Anytime Fitness provides great workouts and guides into fitness training. From 20min workouts to step-by-step guidelines into more difficult workout routines – find it all on Anytime Fitness. This blog is considered to be a coaching destination for many fitness gurus, coaches, and any individual interested in fitness training.

Anytime Fitness posts around 3 articles per week.

MyFitnessPalvbn –

This is a great resource tool in tracking your fitness goals and reaching the height of fitness achievements you are looking for. They share many advice articles on weight loss, nutrition, recipes, and overall fitness guidelines. The app helps anybody track their nutrition and fitness goals.

Find great recipes, workout routines, and expert advice for meals and workout plans. This blog posts around 1 article every week.

Fitbit Blog –

This is an overall informative blog for reading about fitness, including reading about success stories of individuals taking up fitness workouts and training. There are many expert fitness tips to keep anybody going and nutritional advice, product announcements, and motivation. They strive in empowering you with data and inspiration to reach fitness goals.

Muscle & Fitness –

This is the ultimate resource for full workout plans and advice on building muscle, using supplements, and improving nutrition. By joining the website, anybody can get access to the best workouts, nutrition tips, fitness inspiration, and great fitness and training advice for both newbies and more advanced individuals.

Muscle and Fitness has over 6.6 million followers on Facebook, proving just how beneficial their advice and articles are.

Total Gym Pulse Health and Fitness Blog

This blog provides Health and Fitness tips from experts in Home Fitness. It’s a community of health, fitness and lifestyle professionals brought together to motivate anybody interested in fitness and training.

It provides articles on how to feel great inside and out and to enjoy life to the fullest with healthy living. Total Gym Pulse posts up to one article every week on motivation and fitness.

By following any of these blogs and websites, you can stay up to date on the latest workouts, gym equipment, and the best guidelines and tips for healthy living with fitness.